我们正在塑造自信、聪明的下一代 & 富有表现力的孩子.



欢迎学院 OF 表演艺术!

OKAY to let your child’s creativity spark, it can lead to beautiful things. We’re excited to learn more about your child and help them become the person they’re meant to be.

很难想象, but there was a time when I ruined my parents’ backyard teaching 17 middle-schoolers how to dance.

Hi, I’m Stacy Tuschl, the owner of 大发体育即时比分. From the moment I started dancing, I absolutely fell in love with it! When I was about to graduate from 高中, I realized I wasn’t ready to stop. I always saw dance as something more than mere fun, it was a medium for expressing myself.

回到2002年, I decided to start a competitive Pom team for middle-schoolers in Oak Creek without expecting anything in return. This was a free program where I volunteered my time and skills out of passion. Little did I know that these 17 young dancers and their parents would become the foundation stone of my business!


“My child is having the time of their life, what’s your long-term plan for these dance lessons?”

“你提供的不仅仅是舞蹈技巧, it’s taking my child’s confidence and vision to a whole new level.”

Stacy Tuschl和她的家人合影.

父母, 特别是母亲, would come up to me and tell me how I absolutely had to start charging for my time and services. They could already see the positive change in their child’s personality and wanted to pay back. These parents started my business for me without me even realizing it and I am forever grateful to them.

Those formative days paved the way for me to truly discover my potential and led me to turn my “hobby” into a fulfilling career.


3年, over 100 students and a ruined backyard later (that my parents graciously let us practice in)…


I realized that I absolutely needed my own place, so God delivered! 我在赖安街角找到了个地方 & 32号高速公路给我的学生打电话回家. Within 2 weeks, I had signed the lease and opened for business as 工作室21 Pom & 舞蹈学院有限公司.


我们不仅仅是一所舞蹈学院, 是时候让我们的名字反映我们所做的一切了. 工作室21 Pom & 舞蹈学院有限公司. 正式更名为 大发体育即时比分.


我们的富兰克林店已经开业5年了. 我们在橡树溪的声誉, the word started to spread and 大发体育官网 quickly became the largest dance studio in Franklin. These two powerhouse locations now serve almost 1,000 families from 37 different zip codes. People are traveling to 大发体育官网 from all over Milwaukee, Racine, Kenosha, & 沃基肖县.


After amazingly overwhelming response from the local community & parents, my vision for this passion-filled business gained crystal clarity. I decided to build a bigger and tailored facility to introduce even more programs such as music lessons, 表演课, 还有我们的美术和学前班.


大发体育官网在邻近的地方并没有被忽视. We started getting numerous requests to open up a second studio and so we did! 2012年9月, 我们正式打开了富兰克林工作室的大门, welcomed by a large number of happy parents and eager students.


大发体育官网庆祝成立15周年! 不仅如此, 但就像世界上其他地方一样, 应对新冠肺炎大流行的挑战. We jumped headfirst into virtual classes and performances to help maintain a sense of normalcy for our students and community. Our staff went above and beyond to make sure our students still had access to a creative outlet like dance and music.

Stacy Tuschl穿着豹纹衬衫的照片.

Considering our humble beginnings and our story of unwavering commitment and passion, it’s safe to say that you should always let your child follow their dreams – you don’t know what beautiful things can happen along the way.

我做我做的事是因为我爱它! 更重要的是, I get to see hundreds of students falling in love with themselves, 他们的生活, 还有努力工作让自己更耀眼的想法.

在过去的十年里, 我见过孩子们从中学毕业, 高中, 大学, 开始他们的事业. We are also very fortunate to have some of these young women on our staff today. I am humbled to be able to have a career where I get to pass along my passion to others who will one day look back and remember how much they loved performing arts.

We now have over 1000 dance and music students who come to us every month.

然而,我仍然不准备停下来! You may not see me personally in the studios on a daily basis because not only do I run our two performing arts academies, 但我也教和指导其他女性企业主, 我是一个畅销书作家, 也是两个孩子的母亲. 我很幸运,我可以追求我所有的爱好, including the studios and one big reason behind that is because at 大发体育官网 we have created highly qualified directors in each department and our front desk staff and management go above and beyond to make sure your experience with us exceeds your expectations. We strive to create great dancers and musicians, but we also strive to create great kids. 你在这里学到的技能会让你终生受益.



探索, 玩得开心 & 成长

除了表演艺术的力量, 我们痴迷地相信好朋友, 肚子笑, 小憩, 健康的挑战, 用小步骤做出大改变.

(We also 100% believe that we can have a more fulfilling life if everyone spent 20 minutes a day dancing to the beat)


大发体育官网的一切都是由创造力决定的. Our idea from day one has been to nurture originality and help children see their endless possibilities.


社区对我们来说很重要,团队合作也是. 通过提供一个自由而紧密的空间, we help children build strong relationships and foster them through healthy competitions and creative collaborations.


我们的目标是卓越, 毋庸置疑, and exceptional service (as close to perfect as possible) because we care. We are all about effective communication and creating deep connection with parents, 学生及教职员.