Spring Dance Performances

Spring Showcase 2022: June 16th & 17th

Full & Final details will be available (below) by March 2022!

Group of girls dressed up for Spring Dance Showcase

Location for Showcase

我们的表演在南密尔沃基表演艺术中心内的南密尔沃基高中举行. The address is 901 15th Ave. South Milwaukee, WI 53172. (between College and Rawson Ave). Entrance Door #9.

SMPAC safety guidelines can be found below.

Ways to Order

Online (preferred method)
Log in using your email 你认为你有档案,并通过步骤连接你的帐户. 如果您无法连接上一个帐户,您可以简单地创建一个新帐户. ***Online ticket sales end 24 hours before each show.

大发体育官网 Recreational Mini Shows Ticket Link:
n/a at this time

Competitive Team Showcase Ticket Link:
n/a at this time

Phone – (414) 766-5049
Hours are Monday – Friday 10am – 4pm

Spring 2022 Costume info

Costume Book & Fees:

Franklin Costume Book
Oak Creek Costume Book

Gr. 1st & younger $65/class (Plus Tax)
Gr. 2nd-5th $73/class (Plus Tax)
Gr. 5 & up $78/class (Plus Tax)


Costume Ordering Deadlines: 

Our 1st group order will be placed on February 1st for students who purchase their costumes right away.  Our 2nd group order will be on February 15th.  Any purchases AFTER February 15th 如果服装还可以订购,并且我们能及时收到,我们会收取10美元的运费吗. 

The sooner you purchase your costume, the sooner it will come in.  有些服装有库存,有些服装是特殊订单,需要2-3个月才能入市.  Due to Covid shipping delays, please expect these to take longer.  Students will get measured by our front desk staff.  Payment is required to order your child’s costume. 

FAqs: coming soon

Due to Covid, 我们将于周二在我们的大发体育官网 Oak Creek地点举行彩排和拍照日, June 14th-Thursday, June 16th. 我们有很多学生和家庭在不同的时间来来回回, it would be too hard to sanitize the seats in between. In addition, 由于空间太大,在学生等待拍照的时候,我们的工作人员很难监控学生并保持社交距离.

使用我们的橡树溪校区将为我们的工作人员提供一个较小的封闭区域来监控我们的学生. 我们将继续有一个封闭的大厅,让学生从前门进入,让家长在后门等待学生离开. 学生们将有时间练习几次日常活动,然后立即前往另一间工作室,由帝国摄影公司专业拍摄他们的照片. 请预计这将从您的学生的课程到达时间开始30-45分钟. *学生可以在拍照前摘下口罩. 学生们将被ps在一起,制作一张数码(合成)的合影. If any parents do not want their student’s picture taken, please let us know when they arrive at rehearsals.

6月14日至16日,每个班级将有一个固定的时间与班级排练. ***This time will be different than your normal scheduled class time. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your student’s class start time. 我们会让我们的学生来到大发体育官网(橡树溪校区),穿着完整的服装,头发和妆容都做好了(没有唇膏,因为有面具). 这将帮助我们的老师在我们的表演之前查看是否有任何服装或鞋子的问题. Times are listed on our Showcase Index below.


Spring Dance Showcase & Rehearsal Times – TBD for 2022 

Tickets for Recreational Dance Classes:  Cost is $10 per seat/per show that will be occupied.  如果一个更小的孩子可以坐在别人的膝盖上,他们就不需要买票,但却不能占据一个座位.  Because we have to limit the number of seats per student, all tickets are NON-REFUNDABLE, no exceptions.  为了能上演这些节目,我们得确保我们能支付所有的租金.  如果你想把纸质机票寄到家里,每个订单需要支付1美元的邮寄费用,你也可以在家打印电子机票,不收任何费用.  Online ticket sales end 24 hours prior to your showtime.

Ticket Sale Dates (up to 4 tickets per student – if capacity increases we will inform you):  We split our sale dates into 2 dates listed below. Tickets will be available for purchase until Monday, May 31st.  Because this is general seating, even if you purchased 4 tickets the first round, 如果您从6月1日开始购买额外的票,您的家人仍然可以坐在一起,届时我们将开放剩余的座位.

Monday, May 17th @ 10am – you can purchase tickets for the following shows:
Friday 6:15pm, Saturday 9:30am, Saturday 10:30am, Saturday 11:30am
6月16日(周三)晚上7点的Team Showcase也将于当天开始发售.

Tuesday, May 18th @ 10am – you can purchase tickets for the following shows:

Masks are REQUIRED for ALL dancers and spectators age 5 and older.  SMPAC is enforcing this policy so please inform all spectators attending.

Ways to order Tickets at the South Milwaukee Box Office:
Online (preferred method) 

大发体育官网 Recreational Mini Shows Ticket Link:
Competitive Team Showcase Ticket Link:
Phone – (414) 766-5049 Hours are Monday – Friday 10am – 4pm

Remaining Tickets for Sale:  我们将有任何剩余的票,为每一场演出可在第一次来, first serve basis starting Tuesday, June 1st.  Because this is general seating, even if you purchased 4 tickets the first round, 如果你在以后的日子里购买了更多的东西,你的家人仍然可以坐在一起. 如果你在SMPAC购买当天的票,每张票的费用是15美元.  Online ticket sales end 24 hours prior to your showtime.

Costumes/Music Selection: Our teachers select the music and costumes for each class. For our Spring show, Once the teachers have selected their music and costumes, 他们必须得到工作室总监的批准,以确保他们的年龄合适. Spring costumes are the same as our winter costumes. Please click on the links below to view.

Costumes 2021-2022 – TBD
请点击您学生上课的地点,找到您学生的年龄组别.  Classes will be listed in their age group by day and time order.  

Oak Creek Costumes –
Franklin Costumes – 

Costume Measuring: To save the students and parents time, 我们在学生的第一堂课上对他们进行测量. If a dancer is absent, 我们有责任确保他们下次来到工作室时都能得到测量. 如果您在我们测量完后报名,我们将为您的孩子单独测量. We order the costumes with extra room for growth.

Costume Fee (includes a pair of free tights and hairpiece, worn at winter & spring show):
Gr. 1st & younger $65/class (Plus Tax)
Gr. 2nd-5th (specialty classes) $73/class (Plus Tax)
Gr. 4th & up (leveled classes) $78/class (Plus Tax)


Costume Payments: Everyone was charged on September 27th for their costume. If you are new and have registered after this date, 从你的第一节课开始,你有一周的时间来决定,不用付运费. 请记住,你越快订购服装,就会越快送到. 如果你在订购服装后中途退学,将不获退款. We will call you when your costume is in and able to be picked up. You have up to 15 days after our Showcase to pick it up. We do not hold on to these costumes and they will be given to Goodwill.

Matching shoes are required for each dance. You will receive your free pair of tights and hairpiece with your costume. Every class has a different costume. 你的舞者每参加一节课,他们将欠你以上每件服装的金额. 适用于3-4岁及k -1级芭蕾/踢踏舞班-他们将穿着相同的服装在同一节目中表演两首曲目! 如果您想知道某些组合班是否有相同的服装,请询问我们的前台.

* Grades 2nd-8th Combo classes, please ask your teacher.
Ballet – Leather Pink Ballet Slippers (Target does not sell these!)
Jazz & Poms– Tan Jazz Shoes
Hip Hop – Sliver sparkly tennis shoes purchased at The Academy! Boys: purchase any type of black tennis shoes.
Tap – Tan Tap shoes
Contemporary – ask teacher (foot thongs, barefoot or jazz shoes)

Costume Delivery: Costumes will be handed out in class as they arrive.  Some costumes will not be available until mid-May.  学生必须参加所有的课程,以确保当服装送到时他们在那里.

Q1. 我的舞者是否必须退学,如果他/她选择不参加任何一个独唱会?
A1. Absolutely Not! 我们仍然有常规的课程,只在下课的时候练习舞蹈. 你的舞者仍然会像其他舞者一样学习舞蹈并完善它. 我们有学生有婚礼或其他活动,不能参加我们的展示, but love learning the dance and taking class.

Q2. 如果我们的家庭成员不愿意亲自参加,或者由于客流量有限,我们没有足够的门票,还可以购买直播吗?
A2. 我们不会直播这次活动,因为我们给每个人都提供了所有娱乐表演的数字拷贝.

Q3.  What will SMPAC be doing to keep our families safe?
A3. 南密尔沃基表演艺术中心(SMPAC)正在以25%的容量运行, 这意味着我们必须限制每位舞者的演出门票销售数量. For spectator seating, 观众席每隔一排将被封锁,每个家庭之间将有两个座位的间隔. 每个展览之间的座位将由PAC的保管人员进行喷淋和消毒. 我们将设置指定的线路和社交场所,以帮助控制我们的出入口. 我们的后台区域也将有指定的地点,与社交距离远,让我们的学生等待. This area will also be monitored.  ***If capacity numbers increase, we will update our families.

如果任何人有任何健康问题,我们建议他们不要参加.  To abide by the state mask mandate, 所有的观众和舞者都必须一直戴着面具,除非他们是豁免者或5岁以下.

Location for Showcase: 我们的表演在南密尔沃基表演艺术中心内的南密尔沃基高中举行. The address is 901 15th Ave. South Milwaukee, WI 53172. (between College and Rawson Ave).  Entrance Door #9.

Dance Showcase (大发体育官网 Spring Mini Shows) @ South Milwaukee PAC:  Our Shows are scheduled for Friday, June 18th and Saturday, June 19th.  We also have a Competitive Team Showcase on Wednesday, June 16th at 7pm.

For our Recreational classes, we will be having 9 total “Mini Shows”. The Mini Shows will have approximately 10 dances per Show.  每位舞者最初将可以购买一定数量的门票(我们将在5月份更新门票数量).  如果学生希望其他观众参加,我们将在稍后开放剩余的座位.  The shows will last approximately 20-25 minutes.

For those of you who had their students perform in our Winter Mini Shows, 我们的春季表演将会有同样的流程,如何为我们的学生和观众提供一个安全的表演.  唯一的区别是,我们的类只会在舞台1上执行它们的常规,因为我们有很多组合类,可以执行一种以上的风格.  NEW families – please watch our video to see how this day will work.  We will follow city guidelines for capacity and masks.

Sibling Show Conflicts: For everyone’s safety, 我们不得不把演出分成几部分,以限制每次演出的舞者人数.  If you have multiple dancers performing, it makes it very difficult to accommodate siblings in the same Show.  Due to the current circumstances, 像我们平时那样设法迁就我们所有的家庭是不可能的.  Unlike years past, 如果兄弟姐妹在不同的节目中,我们不能给他们积分,因为我们只有25%的容量.

我们今年的演出将需要额外的人员来帮助流量, extra custodians at the PAC, and more total Shows to allow everyone the time to perform on stage.  我们非常感谢,这是一个选择,我们的舞者和工作人员进行安全的表演!  

Student Arrival Times to Shows: Students should arrive at SMPAC 20 minutes prior to their showtime. Please have students use the bathroom BEFORE they head backstage. Only 1 adult will be allowed to drop off your student backstage. 请不要将夹克或街头鞋发送到后台,以避免任何人丢失物品. Parents can take these items to their seats. 学生应穿着舞蹈服装及舞鞋到达后台. Please make sure to not wear your dance shoes outside. Shoes can be changed upon entry to the PAC. Please have shoes and costumes labeled with your student’s name. 如果你的学生有不止一场舞蹈,需要换服装或鞋子, 请带这个后台,包括配饰在一个标签袋,这样所有的项目留在一起. We will have a mom helping with changes. For students in Grades 1st and younger combo classes, tap shoes should be worn first for both the rehearsal and showcase, unless otherwise advised.

Spectator Arrival Times: Spectators are welcome to walk in with their dancers. 在演出开始前15-20分钟,礼堂的大门将在礼堂消毒后打开. 我们不允许任何人在舞者表演前20分钟进入大楼.  Please enter through door #9. 

如果您参加多个展会,您不能在展会间隙在PAC内等待.  You must leave and come back to the venue.  只有已购票的会员才能进入剧院观看演出.

Volunteers – Backstage:  If you are looking to volunteer backstage, 请大发体育官网的前台或检查我们的通讯注册链接.

Seating:  All seating will be General Admission.  对于社交距离和空间调节,一般座位是我们的最佳选择.

Spring Dance Showcase & Rehearsal Times – click HERE (there are tabs on the bottom of this spreadsheet for each location, Competitive Teams and performance orders)
Video Tutorial 如果您对如何查看我们的展示信息有问题,请查看我们的短视频教程.

Showcase Performance Hair: 

All Recreational Classes – High, curled ponytail

Team Students – Required team hair.   如果你不确定要求的风格是什么,可以查看你的通讯,或者咨询你的团队教练.   Video tutorials are available on the team page.


This is optional for students enrolled in recreational classes. 如果你觉得让你的学生在舞台上化妆很舒服,请让他们也化妆. With the bright lighting on stage, students can often look washed so a little make-up will help with this.  We suggest no lip-stick as students will be wearing masks on stage. We understand if you do not want your younger student to wear this.


帝国摄影将在我们的彩排在大发体育官网(橡树溪地点).  在你的学生排练2-3周后,你会收到一封电子邮件,看看你是否想买什么. *学生可以在拍照前摘下口罩.  学生们将被ps在一起,制作一张数码(合成)的合影.  If any parents do not want their student’s picture taken, please let us know when they arrive at rehearsals.


Digital Video of Performances:  
每个人将通过电子邮件发送每个大发体育官网迷你秀大约1个月后的表演免费的数字副本!  请记住,这将不是一个放大的图像在您的孩子,并将展示所有的舞者在舞台上.  学生们还会在舞台上戴上面具,这样舞者就很难被认出来了.  家庭也欢迎录制表演,只要你不妨碍其他家庭.

If you have any questions, please let us know! Our staff is happy to help!